Slow Down Kit
Chains and Sprockets 

gathering chain speed modifying sprockets

By slowing down gathering chains by 25% with Calmer’s smaller 6-Tooth Drive Sprockets, trash intake can be reduced by an average of 61%. Calmer’s larger 9-Tooth Idler Sprockets improve the chains’ grabbing ability in both normal and adverse crop conditions and allows for a standard-size gathering chain to be used. This new-and-improved, non-greaseable idler sprocket is solid-steel and has a replaceable bearing for increased life and lower maintenance. Longer-lasting Chrome-Pin Gathering Chains are sent with all Slow Down Kits.


Gathering Chain Speed Too Fast

Today’s corn hybrids are taller and often more brittle during harvest. Prior to 2008, John Deere corn heads utilized speed ratios from the 1960s that used fast gathering chain speeds, while OEM Manufacturers like Case IH 2000 & 4000 series heads can all be improved incrementally by changing the speed ratio in the gathering chain.

Identify If Stalks
Are Snapping off

These fast gathering chain speeds often cause the gathering chain lug to shear or break off the top of the plant before the stalk rolls have a chance to pull it below the stripper plates. The gathering chain lug then takes the broken portion of the plant and pushes it into the cross auger, eventually resulting in a LARGE PILE OF FLUFF.


patented slow down kit

Calmer’s Patented 6-Tooth Gathering Chain Drive Sprockets slow down just the gathering chains by a full 25%. This will help eliminate the pile of fluff that builds-up on a dry afternoon. Studies have shown Calmer’s smaller drive sprocket can also help reduce trash intake by an average of 61%!

These slower chain speeds allow the stalk rolls to make additional revolutions in order to fully process the plant at the corn head before the gathering chain lug can break it off. 

Calmer sends a larger 9-Tooth Idler Sprocket to replace factory 8-tooth idler sprockets to reduce wear on the idler block and increase the chain lug’s grabbing and conveying ability in various crop conditions. 


Multi Zone Beveled Stripper Plate Calmer Kit