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Calmer possesses a number of patent rights related to its operations, both foreign and domestic, including the following United States Patents: 11,058,058-Narrow Row Head Unit; 11,071,252-Stalk Roll with Multiple Flutes of Different Lengths; 10,785,911-Stalk Roll with Hybrid Flute Having A Sharp Edge and Two Blunt Edges; 10,674,665-Stalk Roll; 10,420,281-Narrow Row Head Unit; 10,045,483-Narrow Row Head Unit Ear Guide; 10,039,232-Stalk Roll; 9,554,511-Method and Apparatus for Stalk Shear Reduction; 9,560,804-Stalk Roll with Flutes Defining a Recess; 9,668,414-Stalk Roll with Series of Flutes Having Decreasing Lengths; 8,857,139-Method and Apparatus for Stalk Shear Reduction; 8,863,487-Narrow Row Head Unit; 8,464,505-Stalk Roll; 8,220,237-Stalk Roll; 8,171,708-Stripper Plate; 7,886,510-Stalk Roll; 7,373,767-Corn Head Row Unit; 7,104,038-Strategic Spatial Realignment for Attaching Cornheads to Combines; 5,704,202-Universal Corn Picking Row Unit; and D494,605-Low Profile Corn Head Row Unit Cover. Calmer also has patents pending pertaining to the threshing technology disclosed in this brochure. Any reference to a company that manufactures and sells combines, or to trademarks of the company are for informative purposes only. Calmer is not affiliated, associated, or otherwise related to any such company. Calmer possesses a number of trademarks. These trademarks are associated with Calmer and its products and are identified by the symbols ® or ™. © 2023 – Calmer Corn Heads, Inc., Lynn Center, Illinois

Calmer warrants our parts 100%. This warranty is good throughout the first season after purchase of the part. What this means is that if the part breaks within the first season of use, we will replace the part with a new one without charge to you. Calmer pays for the shipping both ways as well. In the alternative, if you wish, we will refund to you all of the money you paid to Calmer for the part. If the Calmer part does not work as you expected, we promise to work with you to adjust the settings and see if we can obtain satisfactory performance. In the end, if the Calmer part does not work on your farm to your complete satisfaction, we will refund your purchase price. Disclaimers: Calmer is not responsible for and does not warrant as to consequential damages or any other types of damages that may be claimed as a result of part breakage or unsatisfactory performance. In other words, except as stated herein, all other warranties or liabilities, expressed or implied, oral or statutory, including any warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose are expressly denied.

A partial list of United States (US) patents that Calmer Corn Heads either owns or licenses for its products includes:

  • 5,704,202
  • D494,605
  • 7,104,038
  • 7,373,767
  • 7,886,510
  • 8,171,708
  • 8,220,237
  • 8,464,505
  • 8,857,139
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