Prepare for Spring Planting at Harvest



The Werners farm in Northern Indianna in sandy soils, often irrigated and the BT Choppers provide the faster recovery and cleaner planting furrows that make spring planting smooth.  Follow their youtube channel for more details on their operation

Mike farms in Northern Iowa, and talks about residue management in the cold springs of Northern climates for faster emergence and a good start to the season.  Speaking from a continuous corn on corn field we look at what natural decomposition with a single pass of spring tillage can do for warmer drier soils.

Andy is our shop foreman, and farms just outside of the Quad Cities in Illinois.  Harvesting with BT Choppers for over 10 years practicing no-till planting after chopped stalk residue has decayed over the winter in USDA zone 5b.  

Marion makes explains that the BT Choppers are not just chopping whole pieces of stalk – but also breaking in in half longitudinally.  The closeup video shows a stalk being processed in slow motion for you to see the zippered effect.

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corn harvest

Click any item to watch Marion talk through the solutions to common corn harvest symptoms

Problem Description

Steps to correct problem

Video Tutorial

Broken Cobs in Grain Tank

Adjust the top sieve to achieve the desired appearance in the grain tank sample. 

Butt Shelling or Kernel Loss

Most likely attributed to stripper plate design or gathering chain speed, watch the videos to solve this problem.

Corn in the tailings Auger

Improper bottom sieve adjustments can lead to corn in the tailings auger. Marion shows you how to fix this problem.  

Corn Loss on downhill side
of combine

Adjusting your combine's fan speed can help reduce this problem. Watch to learn more. 

Cornstalks breaking Off

Excessive gathering chain speed can clip off stalks while entering the corn head. Hear Marion's advice to solve the problem.

Cornstalks not entering row units

Cornstalks cannot travel efficiently into the row unit without a space for the stalk to enter. Currently, Calmer BT Chopper® Stalk Rolls are the only rolls in the industry with this patented design to allow the entry of stalks in al crop conditions. 

Cornstalks Not Processed

Cornstalks fail to get processed if they can't enter the stalk rolls. Calmer Stalk Rolls have a special feeding chamber to easily engage stalks to be become processed into confetti-like pieces for fast decomposition, easier planting, and increased yields. 

Cornstalks pushed over

Stripper plates, gathering chain speed, and/or stalk rolls can all contribute to this problem. Watch our videos to refine your settings to solve this problem. 

Cracked Grain in  Tank

Your cross auger, rotor speed and/or sieves could be the culprit.

Ear Separation Problems

Watch our videos to learn how to check your corn head angle, stalk rolls and gathering chain speed to mitigate this problem. 

Excessive Stalk Roll Wear

If the corn head angle is too flat, stalk rolls don't perform as effectively and wear faster. 

Feeder House Congestion

Learn how to adjust your feeder house chain to reduce the congestion of material at the feeder house. 

Harvesting Down Corn

Marion has numerous recommendations for reducing your stress levels while harvesting down corn. Click to visit our entire page of recommendations for a more efficient down corn harvest. 

Foreign Material in Sample or tank

Improperly set sieves and fan speed can result in foreign material in the grain tank. Easily solve this problem with Marion's recommendations. 

Overloaded Cleaning System

Adjust your sieves to help prevent overloading your combine's cleaning system.

Rotor Loss

In Case IH Combines, adjust your transport vanes to the slow position (toward the back of the combine). Watch the video to see how. 

Sliced Ears

An improperly adjusted cross auger can result in sliced ears and kernel damage. Learn how to set it properly to reduce this yield-robbing problem. 

Small Ears Falling Through Head

Stripper plates are set too wide if this is happening. Learn how to adjust them properly for maximum performance. 

Unthreshed Ears

Rotor speed helps reduce un-threshed ears. Marion will walk you through solving this problem.