Custom-Built Corn Heads with a Farmer’s Touch

Our custom corn heads are assembled just outside the Quad Cities in Alpha, Illinois, USA. We build corn heads to order using a combination of field-tested patented performance parts that enables these heads to chop cornstalks into small pieces with the stalk rolls. Eliminating the need for high-maintenance chopping corn heads that use a lot of horsepower and fuel. With our heads, you’ll use less horsepower, be able to harvest faster, reduce trash intake into the combine, slow down head speeds and manage residue better than any other corn head in the industry.

Our shop foreman, Andy, will oversee every step of the production process for your custom corn head.

You can tell from Andy’s video biography that he’s just a down-to-earth, practical guy. If you have any questions about the installation of your BT Chopper® Stalk Rolls or maintenance-related inquiries, Andy will get on a call or video chat to get your situation addressed as quickly as possible.

Andy has turned every bolt, knows every weld, and can answer any question about our heads or upgrade parts.