Operating at 40-foot wide, the Calmer 3215 Corn Head was produced for Frank Howey Farms in Monroe, North Carolina. With nearly 21,000 acres to farm where he grows corn, soybeans and and wheat, along with raising a small cattle herd, Howey farms needed a corn head that is reliable and can eat a lot of corn…FAST. Winner of major farming awards like FFA Star American Farmer in 1987, American Farm Bureau Young Farmer and Rancher Achievement Award in 1995,  Swisher/Sunbelt State Farmer of the Year in 2003, and Top Producer of the Year in 2018, Howey puts his best foot forward in everything he does. 

32 row corn head custom built by farmers


Farm BIG

calmer 3215 corn head finishing a stalk stand

Calmer heads are so reliable and efficient, the only problem you’ll have is keeping your grain tank empty. This is made possible through the integration of the Calmer Residue Management Performance Kit, which allows the corn head to harvest faster and more effectively while also reducing kernel loss problems and trash intake into the combine.

Additional Options

  • Stubble lights
  • Field tracker/Contour Master™
  • Row Sense (Auto Guidance)

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Standard Features

  • 12″, 15″, 20″, 22″ and 30″ row spacing
  • Factory paint to match your combine
  • Any color poly deck covers, dividers and wear points to match your combine
  • Calmer BT Chopper® Stalk Rolls
  • Calmer Hydraulic-Adjust Multi-Zone Beveled Stripper Plates for unrivaled husking and leaf ejection
  • Stainless steel back wall, tray, and auger stripper
  • Single or dual chrome pin gathering chains
  • Calmer’s patented 6-Tooth trash reducing drive sprockets for superior stalk ejection
  • Outer row strippers offset ¼-inch for reducing ear loss over the end divider
  • Calmer realignment package for ear toss reduction and maximum horizontal flow rates
  • Cross auger with 18-inch diameter and 26-inch pitch
  • Cross auger adjusted with 1 ¾-inch clearance for reduced ear slicing and cracked kernels
  • John Deere gathering chain tighteners
  • High-performance gathering chain with tall 2.25″ x 2.5″ nylon paddles
  • Oil bath with 80H heavy chain and 1 ¼-inch heavy duty driveline
  • Telescoping PTO shafts
  • Flashers
  • Automatic header height control
  • One year parts/labor warranty
performance under the hoods
hard surfaced engagement flutes
hard surfaced engagement flutes
hard surfaced engagement flutes
hard surfaced engagement flutes