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John Deere offers three stalk roll options for 600 Series Corn heads and the word on the street in early 2022 shows limited to no supply available to ship. JD stalk roll options offer differing residue processing needs for their customers.

What we’re seeing at Fall Farm Shows and in the market place today are farmers renewing and rebuilding their existing corn with BT Choppers because the price of new equipment has skyroketed in the post corona business environment.

John Deere Straight Fluted Stalk Roll primarily leaves the stalk intact on-purpose for slow residue breakdown and moisture trapping.  We don’t know anyone looking for that type of response from their row unit!  Designed specifically for fracturing of the stalk bi laterally to increase the speed of residue decomposition and return nitrogen to the soil.  BT CHOPPERS® claim to be the “World’s Only All Weather Stalk Roll” because they are less prone to plugging in tough, wet or weedy conditions.


Watch this Closeup to See the Stalk Grabbing Power

2022 Global Supply Chain Solutions

We’re not sold out as of Februrary of 2022, but we expect to be by October so place your order early!  Not because we’re having manufacturing problems, but because farmers know how to save money.  A set of stalk rolls from Calmer may be more expensive than a standard Deere roll, but you have increased function and performance that provide an on-the ground savings from fuel to nitrogen.  Farmers testing them all across the United States have spread the word all the way from the northern climates of Canada to the southern states double cropping.  In 2021 we saw supply chain problems across the globe, but for Calmer BT Choppers it was only a wide demand that we couldn’t keep up with.  We simply didn’t manufacture enough.  Now in 2022 we have a better forecast of the demand, and our manufacturing facilities have actually increased production ability to keep up with the demand from the world agricultural community.  We still suggest you order early to ensure your corn head is operating at it’s finest for #harvest2022.

Visit us at your local farm show– or call in now to get the current pricing and ship dates.

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