Successful Farming magazine profiled Calmer Ag Research in it’s November 2003 issue. The article discusses the Calmer Corn Heads for 15-and 20-inch rows and the company’s new trash reduction conversion kits.

According to Successful Farming: “Calmer simply removed one gathering chain plus all the gears, shafts, bearings, and idlers that went with it. He also had the gearboxes of the IH 800 corn heads he started with milled to a width of just under 15 inches.”

Instead of two gathering chains per row working in unison, Calmer’s head has one gathering chain per row, outfitted with 4 large plastic paddles. That chain is teamed up with an ear guide on the other side of the row.”

“The advantage of that approach goes beyond row width. Calmer’s heads also weigh about 50 pounds per row less than conventional heads. “That weight difference is huge on a 12-, 16-, or 18- row head, ” says Calmer.”

“Equally if not more important, Calmer’s heads require less horsepower to run. That translates into less stress on the driveline. Calmer’s patents gave him a strong position in the market for 15-inch heads, and that’s the market he concentrated on until recently. Two years ago, he started converting John Deere heads to 15-inch rows in addition to the IH 800 heads.” 

“The best thing I ever did to a corn head. Stalk chopper for sale! This ruined the used stalk chopper market!” 

– Patrick Mohr, Hanska, MN