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Read any of our blog posts for a wide variety of helpful tips pertaining to corn harvest, soybean harvest, combine settings, residue management, and on-farm research. Our experts love sharing their knowledge with other farmers to help them maximize potential yields and profits.  

Combine and corn head settings for down corn

Combine Adjustments for Downed Corn As if rain delays weren’t frustrating enough during harvest, a broad swath of Eastern Iowa experienced extremely powerful winds during the August 10, 2020, Derecho storm, which damaged crops and left a lot of valuable grain on the...

Setting Stripper Plate gap on the corn head

Setting Stripper Plates On Row Unit with Marion Calmer discussing problems and solutions in the Calmer Patented Beveled Stripper Plates

Combine Kill-Stop Examination and refinement settings

Combine Kill-Stop Examination Cab Controls and Settings extended operator discussion and traing for farmers by Marion Calmer

Combine Threshing & Separating Area Troubleshooting

Combine Threshing and Separating Area Troubleshooting and Examination with Marion Calmer combine hardware and technology expert.

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Corn Head Testing

Randy Dowdy uses Calmer Corn Heads for 15 inch corn

Randy Dowdy

World Record Soybean Yield Champion

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Calmer Corn Head User

Agronomic Discussions

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Machinery talk

Announcing Stalk Rolls for Case 4000 Series Corn Heads

Announcing Stalk Rolls for Case 4000 Series Corn Heads

New Products Released for 2021 For years, farmers have been visiting us at trade shows asking about products for the Case IH 4000 series corn heads. Due to that corn head's design, there were challenges to fitting a Calmer Kit, but after significant research,...

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Back End of Combine | Sieve and Separation Settings

Back End of Combine | Sieve and Separation Settings

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4In this four-part video series, go in depth with Marion Calmer as he discusses and diagnoses common combine functions during a kill stop examination. Marion chats at length about various combine settings in the field for capturing the...

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