Our shop foreman, Andy, is out planting his fields that were harvested with a Calmer-Built Corn Head equipped with BT Chopper® chopping stalk rolls in the fall.  Listen along to the video as he describes his ‘very basic’ planter setup that is easy to use when planting between rows and into Calmer BT Chopper Confetti residue.   The two inch split and chopped pieces have naturally degraded over winter to allow for a beneficial ground cover and soil enriching decay.



BT Choppers® Make Planting Easy

Get MORE than you bargained for this fall with Calmer's BT Choppers® and Residue Management Upgrade Kits

With Calmer Upgrade Kits, you're getting more than just corn head parts, you're getting peace of mind that your residue management and corn head problems are solved for good during harvest. 


Agronomic and Mechanical Advantages

Mechanical Advantages

    • Compatible with all Tillage Systems
    • 25% Less Hp Needed than with Chopping Heads
    • Superior Cornstalk Flow to Engagement
    • Better Ear Separation
    • Less Tire Wear
    • Less Butt Shelling
    • Increased Harvesting Speeds (Achieved through a combination of installing Calmer® products and proper combine settings)
    • Lower Spread Load

Agronomic Advantages

    • Unmatched Residue Decomposition
    • Warmer Soils
    • Drier Soils
    • Increased Earthworm Populations
    • Reduced Nitrogen Penalty
    • Easier Planting
    • Higher Yields
dave hula recommends calmer stalk rolls

Follow Andy & Jay through harvest


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