World record corn yield world champion, Dave Hula, knows a thing or two about managing corn residue after growing 600+ bushels per acre in 2019. Farmers across North America are relying on Calmer BT Chopper® Stalk Rolls to manage their cornstalks during harvest to lay the groundwork for a successful double-crop shortly after picking corn. Dave Hula speaks to his experience double-cropping behind Calmer’s Chopping Stalk Rolls:

“What we saw was that we were chopping that green cornstalk up into inch-and-a-half to two-inch segments, it was going through, it didn’t require any more horsepower. We were spreading that residue across the whole 30-inch pass and then we were planting that small grain right behind that. The neat thing about those is that we have moisture in the cornstalk, we are chopping it up, it’s decaying extremely fast, and now we’re able to have that no-till environment for our small grain.”

So, even if you’re double-cropping behind 600+ bpa corn, our Calmer Stalk Rolls can handle the job. 

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