Combine Settings

Combine Settings For Better Corn Harvest

  1. Synchronize gathering chain speed to ground speed. 55RPM's on gathering chain = 4mph ground speed.
  2. Stripper plate gap should be 1/16" wider than the widest portion of the lower corn stalk nodes.
  3. Cross auger clearance should be 1 3/4" between flighting and tray to reduce cracks.
  4. Make feeder chain as long and as close to cross auder as possible. Also, run it as fast as possible to reduce ears piling up during the hand off from the corn head to the feeder house.
  5. Rotor Speed - speed up until the first crack appears in grain tank, then slow down 1 RPM.
  6. Concave clearance - adjust for volume of material.
  7. Fan Speed - increase until red chaff is gone, then slow down 50 RPM.
  8. Bottom sieve - wide open. There is no part of a corn kernel that needs rethreshing.
  9. Top sieve - close until tankk is clean, then re-open until first broken cob appears in tank.
  10. View web site for tips on Harvesting Down Corn.

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Combine Settings For Better Soybean Harvest

  1. Start harvesting the soybean field on the downwind side. The wind will help spread straw away from uncut soybeans. Also, it is a good idea in case of fire.
  2. 3" sickle bars cut better in No-Till than 2" or 1 1/2" cut.
  3. Draper heads are better than auger fed platforms in all conditions.
  4. Cross auger clearance should be 1/16" between flighting and tray.
  5. Correct feeder chain adjustment is one thread less than fully extended. This allows feeder drum to be as close as possible to the auger or draper belt during the hand off from platform to feeder house.
  6. Synchronize reel speed to ground speed. Rell RPM's should be 10 times the ground speed.
  7. Rotor speed - 1 RPM less than 1st cracked soybean in grain tank.
  8. Concave clearance - adjust to volume of material flowing through rotor.
  9. Concave - improve threshing power by installing filler bars or filler plates for rubbing more pods against green pods.
  10. Fan Speed - speed up till all pod hulls have left the grain tank, then slow down by 50 RPM's.
  11. Bottom sieve - Wide open to let air flow to Top sieve.
  12. Top sieve (Front portion) - Close until grain tank has 99% clean soybeans.
  13. Top sieve (Rear Portion) - Close until un-threshed pods start going over the back then open back up 1/8" so they fall into return auger.
  14. Red Combines - adjust transport vanes to advanced position in separator area only. This reduces horsepower bleeding, and reduces the amount of fodd, and stems (MOG) on the top sieve.

Marion's Cell Number 309-368-1182

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