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why calmer’s 20-inch head?


Calmer’s patented features enable our corn heads to harvest faster and more efficiently than any other factory corn head on the market. Here why:

CALMER Advantages:

  • Performs in all crop conditions 
  • Faster harvesting speeds
  • Smallest residue sizing
  • Less butt shelling/kernel loss
  • Less moving parts
  • Less weight
  • Lower maintenance requirements
  • Less trash intake in both standing and down corn
  • Increased gathering chain life
  • Warmer soils
  • Drier soils
  • Less horsepower requirements
  • Less grain loss
  • Less fuel needed
  • More bushels per acre harvested per day

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Superior Management

Patented BT Chopper® Stalk Rolls cut, chop, and shear cornstalks into confetti-like residue for fast decomposition, easier planting and higher yields. You’ll reduce a pass across the field simply by running your corn head, saving you time and money.

more grain in the tank

Our Patented Multi-Zone Beveled Stripper Plates reduce kernel loss and mitigates trash intake into the combine, putting more grain in the tank and money in your pocket.


Our patented 6-Tooth Drive Sprockets slow down gathering chains by 25% vs. factory John Deere 90 series corn heads to reduce kernel loss and trash intake. The larger 9-Tooth Idler Sprocket helps the grabbing and conveying ability in adverse crop conditions. 

feeder house auger and grain saiving lip at feederhouse

Realigned Design

Calmer Heads are strategically realigned to reduce ear toss problems and allow for the better flow of material from the tray to the feeder house opening in high-speed harvesting conditions.

effective cross auger

Calmer’s oversized 18-inch cross auger has a 26-inch pitch to help convey material to the center of the head at a slower pace vs. older factory heads for a more efficient handoff of material to the feeder house. We adjust the auger with 1 3/4″ clearance to reduce ear slicing and mitigate kernel loss. 

Veteran No-Tiller Reviews Calmer 1820

Allen with Berry Farms talks about the advantages of his 1820 calmer corn head and how it helps with his no-till operation as well as with growing corn on corn. 


Watch our detailed video covering all the patented advantages of a 20-inch Calmer Corn Head.
We know our heads work, that’s why we run them on our own farms.


All 20 -inch Calmer Corn Heads are equipped with our entire line of patented corn head and residue management performance parts. Customize your corn head with any color and with any number of rows to match your combine.


Having invented the world’s first narrow row corn head 27 years ago, we have the experience and technology needed to give you the edge you need and peace of mind you want during harvest. 


Our 20-inch corn heads have a universal feeder house design to fit any combine. Just tell us the combine you have and we’ll send the correct adapter plate for a simple attachment process.

Standard Features

  • 12″, 15″, 20″, 22″, 24″ and 30″ row spacing
  • Any color paint to match your combine
  • Any color poly deck covers, dividers and wear points
  • Calmer BT Chopper® Chopping Stalk Rolls
  • Calmer Hydraulic-Adjust Multi-Zone Beveled Stripper Plates for unrivaled husking and leaf ejection
  • Stainless steel back wall, tray, and auger stripper
  • Single- or dual- chrome pin gathering chains
  • Calmer’s patented 6-Tooth trash reducing drive sprockets for reduced trash intake and kernel loss 
  • Outer row strippers offset ¼-inch for reducing ear loss over the end divider
  • Calmer realignment package for ear toss reduction and maximum horizontal flow rates
  • Cross auger with 18-inch diameter and 26-inch pitch
  • Cross auger adjusted with 1 ¾-inch clearance for reduced ear slicing and cracked kernels
  • John Deere gathering chain tighteners
  • High-performance gathering chain with tall 2.25″ x 2.5″ nylon paddles
  • Oil bath with 80H heavy chain and 1 ¼-inch heavy duty driveline
  • Telescoping PTO shafts
  • Flashers
  • Automatic header-height control
  • One year parts/labor warranty
15 inch row size corn head chopping
hard surfaced engagement flutes
performance under the hoods


Decades of research and development go into building your 20-inch corn head. Equipped with our entire line of patented components, we guarantee a Calmer harvest when running our heads.


Our corn head frames are strategically designed to help achieve the correct approach angle for optimum performance and longevity of the stalk rolls.


You choose the row spacing, number of rows, and the color of your corn head and we’ll build it custom for your operation.


From the beginning, our corn heads have been tested in the toughest of crop conditions and proven by real farmers.


Gene was one of the first employees at Calmer Corn Heads and has seen every project through from start to finish. From managing the world’s largest corn head build to making the world’s first 12-inch corn head, Gene has the experience you want in your corner when ordering a new head.

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