Gleaner Combine Head Upgrade Kit

Chuck McDonald plants Stine Seeds in 15 inch rows and runs test plots for Stine Region 18 of Southern Illinois and Tenessee.  In this video he details some of his cost management techniques buying used equipment and the Gleaner combine on his small farm.  The Calmer Used Equipment listing page guided Chuck to find a 15 inch corn head that would still provide an ROI.

Stine corn genetics are designed for the stresses of poor soil and high population numbers and Chuck’s experiments are yielding profitable results.  

gleaner corn header speed management sprockets
@calmercornheads Jump in with Marion as he discusses at length the benefits of beveled stripper plates to prevent #buttshelling in the upgrade kit #beveledstripperplates #stripperplate #combineharvester #cornhead #combinedriver ♬ original sound - Calmer

Marion discusses the benefits to reduced butt shelling in this video with Gleaner stripper plate problems, and Calmer’s beveled stripper plate upgrade option.  Reducing butt shelling by just one bushel per acre over the life of the equipment can pay for the corn head refurbishing kit.