Top Reasons To Buy

Reason # 1: John Deere Tested 

In 2015, John Deere & Co. tested their stalk rolls against the BT Chopper® Stalk Rolls and another aftermarket stalk roll design. Their tests supported what we’ve been saying all along. 

Source: Data published by Deere & Company. YouTube, under the name “John Deere 600C Stalk Roll Advantage.” 

*Disclaimer: Trademarks are not owned by, affiliated with, or under license to Calmer Corn Heads, Inc. and are used solely for truthful advertising for the utility of Calmer Corn Head products advertised herein. 

Reason # 2: Endorsed on continues to be a trusted medium for farmers to openly exchange ideas and reviews on ag products. Over the years, discussions surrounding Calmer products have attracted more than a million views. Below are some past topics important to farmers. 

  • Are Calmer Corn Head Products worth the money? Posted 12/3/2013
    • An overwhelming majority of respondents said yes 
  • Calmer stalk rolls vs. Geringhoff Rota Disc Posted 10/16/2016
    • An overwhelming majority of respondent preferred Calmer BT Choppers® over the Geringhoff Rota Disc 
  • Satisfied with the longevity of Calmer BT Choppers®? Posted under “Calmer’s Kit” on 10/27/2016
    • An overwhelming majority of respondents were satisfied with the longevity of Calmer BT Choppers®  
  • Overall satisfaction with Calmer products
    • An overwhelming majority of respondents were/are satisfied with Calmer products. 

Reason # 3: University Proven 

In 2016, The University of Illinois’ Department of Crop Sciences found that Calmer BT Chopper® Stalk Rolls increase continuous corn yields by 10 bu per acre when compared to OEM stalk rolls! 

Mechanical residue management in corn on corn the previous fall (A and B) and at the R3 growth stage the following season (C and D): Standard stalk rolls (A and C) and Calmer BT Choppers® (B and D). 

Reason # 4: Mechanical and Agronomic Advantages 

With numerous mechanical and agronomic advantages, you’re getting more than just corn head parts, you’re getting a peace of mind that your residue management problems are solved for good during harvest. 

Mechanical Advantages: 

  • 25% Less Hp Needed than with Chopping Heads 
  • Superior Cornstalk Engagement 
  • Better Ear Separation
  • Less Tire Wear
  • Less Butt Shelling
  • Slower Head Speeds
  • Lasts Longer than OEM Components
  • Easier on Gearboxes
  • Increased Harvesting Speeds

Agronomic Advantages

  • Unmatched Residue Decomposition
  • Easier Planting
  • Compatible with all Tillage Systems
  • Warmer Soils
  • Drier Soils
  • Increased Earthworm Populations
  • Reduced Nitrogen Penalty
  • Higher Yields

Reason # 5: Award Winning. Farmer Invented. Farmer Tested. Farmer Proven. 

Our products are farmer invented, farmer tested, and farmer proven and come with a 100% Satisfaction or Your Money Back Guarantee. Having been voted to the No-Till Product of the Year list five times, farmers across North America continue to rely on our award-winning technology to solve their residue management and corn head problems. 

"I can go faster through the field, and the Choppers really do a job on the stalks. Planting is easier since the stalks have decomposed."

- David Wilson - Franklin, IL