Calmer BT Chopper® and Residue Management Upgrade Kits and Components for Gleaner Hugger & Massey Ferguson 3000 Series Corn Heads

Calmer BT Chopper® Upgrade Kit

Follow Calmer’s 2-Step Process to Solve Your Corn Head and Residue Management Problems.

Step 1. Install Calmer BT Chopper® Stalk Rolls 

Reliable and effective stalk rolls are critical to a top-performing corn head. Calmer’s BT Chopper® Stalk Rolls have a redesigned nose cone and a patented “open window” design in front to guarantee 100% traction of stalks and superior feeding in both standing and down corn. The 8 razor sharp knives on each roll cut, chop and shear cornstalks into more management pieces for accelerated decomposition. As a result, you’ll be able to more effectively manage residue during tillage and planting. 

Step 2. Install Calmer Multi-Zone Beveled Stripper Plates

The contour of Calmer Multi-Zone Beveled Stripper Plates emulates the butt of corn ear, which helps reduce butt shelling while simultaneously reducing trash intake by allowing husks and leaves to pass through the stripper plate gap onto the ground, not into the combine.

Get MORE than you bargained for this fall with Calmer's BT Choppers® and Residue Management Upgrade Kits

Don't pay the hefty price for a new OEM corn head when you can yield better results at a fraction of the cost by simply upgrading your current head with Calmer's patented BT Chopper® Replacement Stalk Rolls and Residue Management Upgrade Kits. With Calmer's patented revolving window in combination with 8 razor sharp knives, Calmer's BT Choppers® cut, chop and shear cornstalks into smaller, more manageable pieces for accelerated residue decomposition. 

Agronomic and Mechanical Advantages

Mechanical Advantages

  • Compatible with all Tillage Systems
  • 25% Less Hp Needed than with Chopping Heads
  • Superior Cornstalk Flow to Engagement
  • Better Ear Separation
  • Less Tire Wear
  • Less Butt Shelling
  • Increased Harvesting Speeds (Achieved through a combination of installing Calmer® products and proper combine settings)
  • Lower Spread Load 

Agronomic Advantages

  • Unmatched Residue Decomposition
  • Warmer Soils
  • Drier Soils
  • Increased Earthworm Populations
  • Reduced Nitrogen Penalty
  • Easier Planting
  • Higher Yields

For more information on our BT Choppers® or Residue Management Upgrade Kits, call us at
(309) 629-9000 or check-out our product brochure below.

"We plant wheat into corn stalks and we only disc 1 time. We can't believe how the chopper grinds up the stalks. The ride is a lot faster now." 

- Larry Hocking and Family, Mount Carmel, IL