Drago Corn head Stalk Rolls

The Calmer upgrade kit solves many
of the mechanical problems with the
Drago Series I & 2 and GT corn heads.
These parts will enable your Drago Corn head to perform
better than new at a fraction of the cost
of a new corn head.
100% satisfaction guaranteed!

BT Chopper Stalk Rolls

Through the integration of multi-length blades,
Calmer Stalk Rolls have a patented “open window”
feeding chamber, which guarantees the efficient
flow of cornstalks into the row unit to
become processed into “confetti-like” pieces
by 20 razor-sharp blades.


 No Feeding Chamber

No stalk roll is able perform properly without allowing the stalk into the space to be processed. This is the feeding chamber in the entry area. All factory rolls have the same length flutes and therefore a continuous overlap in the entry area, which creates a wall of rotating steel and prevents the the entry of cornstalks.

Mechanically, this flawed design results in the premature wear in the first few inches of the stalk roll, while the remaining length of the blades stay in “like new” condition since stalks cannot travel further up the row unit.

Cornstalks CANNOT engage with factory rolls or become processed due to the continuous overlap in entry area.

CASE IH stalk roll design problems


Patented “Open window” Feeding Chamber

Through integration of multi-length blades the Calmer BT Chopper® Stalk Rolls have an opening and closing window (illustrated in the video below).   The only stalk roll on the market with a patented “open window” feeding chamber for accepting, and positively crushing stalks shortly after they are admitted. The design feature enables cornstalks to travel efficiently into the row unit to become processed especially beneficial in down or damaged stalk conditions.

Features perform in all crop conditions, guarantee the traction of stalks for processing, provides longer stalk roll life, reduces low ear snap (butt shelling), and prevents the bulldozing of stalks at the end rows.

Cornstalks EASILY engage with Calmer’s patented “open window” feeding chamber to become processed.

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