New Products Released for 2021

For years, farmers have been visiting us at trade shows asking about products for the Case IH 4000 series corn heads. Due to that corn head’s design, there were challenges to fitting a Calmer Kit, but after significant research, development and testing, WE NOW HAVE A PERFORMANCE UPGRADE KIT FOR THE CASE IH 4000 CORN HEAD!


For the development of all corn head kits, we listen to the folks running the corn heads on their own farms to discover what areas need improvement. Talking to Case 4000 series folks, it was pretty easy to see why everybody’s unhappy with its performance (see video footage).

So, our team of engineers and farmers put their heads together to develop the most comprehensive and capable corn head kit on the market specifically for the Case IH 4000 series corn head. Now, your Case corn head can turn cornstalks into confetti-like residue for superior decomposition capabilities without the need for additional tillage passes. So, if you’ve got a 4000 series problem, we’ve got the solution. 

 BT Choppers® to Replace Case Snapper Rolls