Corn Heads

As the maker of the world's first single chain narrow row corn head and the world's largest, Calmer Corn Heads has spent decades researching and developing patented technologies that give our products unrivaled residue management and harvesting capabilities. Available in wide range of row numbers and spacings for John Deere, Case IH and CNH combines, Calmer's custom built corn heads are manufactured to meet your unique harvesting needs.

Maximize Your Profit Potential with Calmer's Custom Built Corn Heads!

Advantages of a Calmer Corn Head

  • Faster harvesting speeds
  • Superior stalk chop
  • Less trash intake in both standing and down corn
  • Increased gathering chain life
  • Warmer/Dryer no-till boils
  • Less horsepower requirements
  • Less grain loss
  • Less fuel needed
  • More bushels per acre harvested per day

Standard Features

  • 12", 15", 20", 22" and 30" row spacing
  • Factory paint to match your combine
  • Any color poly deck covers, dividers and wear points to match your combine
  • Calmer's patented BT Chopper® stalk rolls
  • Single or dual chain design
  • Calmer's patented 6-Tooth trash reducing driver sprocket for superior stalk ejection
  • Outer row strippers offset ¼-inch for reducing earl loss over the end divider
  • Calmer realignment package for ear toss reduction and maximum horizontal flow rates
  • Cross auger adjusted with ½-inch clearance for reduced ear slicing and cracked kernels
  • John Deere gathering chain tighteners
  • High-performance gathering chain with tall 2.25 x 2.5-inch metal paddles
  • Calmer multi-zoned combo beveled stripper plates for unrivaled husking and leaf ejection
  • Oil bath with 80H heavy chain and 1 ¼-inch heavy duty driveline
  • Telescoping PTO shafts
  • Flashers
  • Auto-Header Height
  • One year warranty

Additional Options

  • Hydraulic stripper plates available on all row spacings
  • Stainless steel back wall, tray, and auger stripper
  • Stubble lights
  • Field tracker/Contour Master

Call us today at (309) 629-9000 to get a quote on building a new Calmer Corn Head or click here to see our inventory of certified reconditioned Calmer Corn Heads!

Calmer Corn Heads – Superior by Design

By design, Calmer Corn Heads help maximize your profit potential by enabling you to harvest faster and more effectively than ever before! Here's how:


Our patented single chain design in combination with our low profile, super short poly hoods and dividers result in one of the lightest row units in the industry. 

Multi-zone Combo Stripper Plates

The unique design of our stripper plates helps reduce ear wedging and allows our patented BT Chopper® stalk rolls to engage more corn leaves, shanks and husks in order to reduce trash intake and minimize horsepower requirements. Our stripper plates' elongated design allows for more efficient harvesting of low hanging ears in down corn.

Calmer's Patented BT Chopper® Stalk Rolls

Calmer's patented BT Chopper® replacement stalk rolls chop, cut and shear cornstalks into confetti for truly unrivaled residue management capabilities.

High-Profile Shorter Snouts

Among the shortest on the market, our high-profile, shorter snouts make it easy to maneuver through narrow rows and around tight contoured areas.

Strategically Realigned

Calmer Corn Heads are realigned to allow superior material flow from the tray to the feeder house, reducing ear toss and allowing for maximum flow in high yielding and high-speed harvest conditions.

6-Tooth Drive Sprocket

The Calmer® 6-Tooth Drive Sprocket slows down gathering chains by 25%, reducing trash intake by as much as 60%.

Single Chain Design w/Polyethylene Ear Guide

Calmer's UHMW (Ultra High Molecular Weight) polyethylene ear guide forms a retaining wall to maintain engagement of the ears with the enlarged hardened steel gathering chain paddles. By utilizing Calmer's single chain system, the second chain, chain guide, drive sprocket, drive shaft, idler block, idler sprocket and chain tension spring significant. 


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Calmer 24 row 15 inch corn head for CNH combine

Calmer Stainless Steel 16 row 15 inch corn for Case IH combine

Calmer Stainless steel 24 row 15 inch corn head for John Deere combine

Stainless steel back walls, trays and auger strippers are available options on all Calmer Corn Heads

All Calmer Corn Heads come equipped with our patented BT Chopper® stalk rolls and deluxe residue management upgrade kits.

"Over the past 6 years I've been upgrading to the newest Calmer Trash Reduction Kit parts, and each year it just keeps getting better. The Calmer BT Chopper really made the stalks disappear, making planting easier."

- Jeff Newman, Woodhull, IL